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👉 Experience the adventure of crafting healthy potions for athletes! 🤸

After gym is an innovative gym simulator game in which you take the role of a fitness trainer who helps athletes with their workout diet. Interact with a magic mixer and healthy ingredients to make potions for athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts. You will have a whole potion shop to make magic potions to help athletes.

In this simulator gym game, the mixer is your most trustworthy friend. It helps you blend every ingredient, from green vegetables to special powders to craft a strong potion punch. But be mindful of common sense while using the ingredients and supplements because not every mix is appropriate for athletes. Take the role of a personal trainer and help bodybuilders shape their bodies. 🏋️

Like potion craft game with medieval manuscripts, After gym game has presented a new theme of making potions for athletes that are suitable according to their fitness workout. Being a potion maker, you will help every athlete from amateur newbies to bodybuilding champions. You will witness how a simple person turns into a superhuman giant.

High-quality and decent graphics keep your interest alive during a long-lasting gameplay experience. Realistic ingredients with a modern potion mixer add more fun to this gym game. Try exotic potion recipes for athletes to help them unleash a better versions of themselves. This is a unique gym simulator game that turns your dull moment into enjoyable ones.

👉 Become a personal trainer of athletes and concoct the right diet plan! 🏋️


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. Enter the game.

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All you have to do is match up the shaker bottle with the bottle given on the map perfectly. In your crafting system, control the mixer speed to keep the shaker bottle on the right path. Every potion recipe has a different map on the chart. Use different ingredients and supplements to craft your way to the next shaker bottle. 🍷 Anticipate your destination and track your performance to see whether you are going to make the right potion or not. Save your progress to inventory to start from the same point later. 🏋️

== Gym Simulator Game

After gym game turns you into a fitness trainer and a diet planner who makes healthy potions for athletes. You can craft potions based on the exercise plan. 🏋️

== Inventory

All your potion recipes will be saved in the inventory, like the Potion craft game. These muscle maker potions help the body development progress of athletes. Gym game inventory keeps a record of your performance.

== New Potion Recipes

Showcase your mindfulness while using different ingredients and supplements to create healthy products for your bodybuilders. Every body part requires a different potion to grow, so let’s explore new potion recipes.

== Enjoy With Friend

Playing gym simulator games with friends always doubles the fun. Enjoy the After gym game with your peers or siblings to make new magic potions together.


✔️ Interactive and user-friendly interface
✔️ Vibrant graphics with creative mechanics
✔️ Adventurous gameplay with intuitive controls
✔️ Provides different ingredients and supplements
✔️ Experience different potion recipes with a mixer
✔️ Pleasant music and realistic sound effects
✔️ Compatible gym game with different devices

👉 Master your potion crafting skills to help athletes grow their bodies! 🤸🍹

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