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Fantasy AI Art Generator – AI help you generated dream anime art just by entering a prompt. MORE THAN 10+ AI Art generator models in one app!

Anime Diffusion and Stable Diffusion are effective and widely used. Besides, Anything V3, Trinart v2, URPM, HassanBlend, Weebs, Openjourney-v2, Waifu. You can’t miss this if you like anime. Feel the power of AI Art now!

You can also control your artworks more accurately with ControlNet.


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. Enter the game.

The AI Art batch generation function supports more models. Generate 100+ pictures one time. Provide more inspirations. Allows you to create your own exclusive anime characters.
+Anime Diffusion
+Stable Diffusion
+Roam Diffusion
+Anything V3
+Trinart v2

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1. Enter the words. Such as ” dream gamer girl” ” dream fire girl” . AI will generate AI Artworks.
2. Choose AI Art generated model, you can select more than 10+ models in one app.
3. Pick an AI Art style. Such as ” wind magic”, ” love story”. Various styles make it easier for you to generate better artworks.

Take control of your AI art like never before with the ControlNet feature. Quickly generate beautiful pictures, learn from the information you upload with ControlNet and take full control over your creations. Explore themes like architecture, beauty, dancing, sports, and more, and let your imagination run wild!

AI Avatars online, Like lensa. Uploading your photos, AI will train a unique model based on the photos, then generate your exclusive AI avatars. Fantasy AI Avatar will generate hundreds of avatars for you, including dozens of styles, scenes and poses.

Regenerate images from photos or sketch. Such as your photos, your pet photos, even the sketch you paint. AI will turn it into artworks. Just like tt, dream and wonder. Wonder how magic you will generate! let AI be your drawing assistant.

+ More AI Art models in One app
+ AI generated art plus portrait restoration and pixel adjustment
+ Explore for generating AI artworks.
You can see more beautiful and creative pictures. You can use the prompt generate picture directly. Just as stable diffusion, midjourney and dalle 2. Also, you can try ” Open AI creator ” ” Alien disco diffusion” “Deep dream”.

+ Personal gallery
you can add the pics you like in gallery. In the future, you can see others gallery.

+ Instagram
+ TikTok
+ Snapchat
+ Discord

AI Art Generator & AI Avatar is popular all over the world, you can catch it by trying now! Try anime art now!

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