Apple Music App Could Use AI for Smoother Song Transition

Apple continues to update its Apple Music app by adding and refining many features. The service could get some enhancements with the incoming iOS 18 update that could particularly include an upgrade to the crossfade feature in the app.

Basically, a crossfade feature is available in the Apple Music, which users can enable and adjust the duration for up to a specific time from the settings. This creates a smoother transition between the songs or playlists by reducing or removing the gap.

New ‘Smart Song Transitions’ in Apple Music

In the latest finding of AppleInsider, coming from an unnamed source, Apple could be bringing an iteration of the app tool called “smart song transitions” in iOS 18 (and iPadOS 18).

While it was not heavily detailed how the new feature will work or how it will be different from the existing crossfade function, it was highlighted that the duration could be extended up to 12 seconds. This is a big jump from the 5-second peak time in the current app.

It is also safe to say that the label hints of the feature being powered by AI. For instance, it could rely on machine learning to automatically pick where to start the transition without manually setting up the crossfade duration.

As it stands, iOS 18 is shaping up to bring new AI features, so it makes sense that the iPhone maker will sprinkle some across its services like the Apple Music app.

Apple also previewed a suite of new accessibility features that are coming in the next major iPhone update. Namely, it will include an eye-tracking capability for hands-free control and that all users can utilize. There is also a new Music Haptics feature that generates vibrations based on the tune of a song or track being played.

iOS 18, along with other major updates to the company’s platforms, will be announced at WWDC 2024 which will kick off on June 10. Meanwhile, the software update could only hit compatible iPhone models in the fall when the iPhone 16 goes official.

What other features would you wish to see in iOS 18? Share with us your suggestions in the comment section.

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