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Helmet Heroes


With fully customizable RPG classes, over 600 items to make your hero the biggest badass in the realm, dozens of monsters to slay, crafting, PvP, quests and so much more, you’re going to wonder where this fantasy MMORPG has been your whole life. It’s right here, waving a sword in your face!

Band together with fellow warriors and adventurers on the road and explore huge, weird worlds full of danger, excitement and sweet, sweet loot. Slay enemies, conquer dungeons, gear up and get rich. Do you like fishing? You can do that, too. No… seriously!

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About Helmet Heroes APK

1. Over 600 weapons, helmets, armor, shields and accessories
2. Fight with guns, swords, shields, bows, staffs and more!
3. Hunt for gear as you quest, purchase it from merchants or craft it yourself
4. Choose from 4 classes or mix them and make your own
5. 60 pets to choose from – ride them, stroke them or send them to battle!
6. Create your own guild or join an existing one
7. Go on a solo heroic adventure, team up with friends or make some on the way!
8. Ranking system ranks dozens of your skills against other Helmet Heroes players
9. Use and upgrade over 30 special abilities
10. Craft items & gather resources from your environment
11. Take a break from questing and go fishing!
12. PvP areas and dedicated PvP servers for bloodthirsty players looking for a battle
13. Trading & friends system lets you easily interact with other players

The main part of creating any hero is choosing your class. Do you go with the brave warrior, cunning archer, wise wizard or the … cowboy? Each class has their own distinct abilities and skills. Don’t like any of them? Create your own!

What fun is an MMORPG if you can’t interact with other players? If going solo isn’t your thing and you’d like to team up with players on a PvE adventure, you can! If you’ve got a score to settle or you want to battle another player, you can visit dedicated PvP areas designed for one thing – hero on hero combat. No crying allowed.

If constantly looking over your shoulder and knowing everybody is out to kill you is your thing, you can create your character and quest on the PvP server!

Found an epic magic staff but you prefer using a gun? Or do you have a spare piece of armor laying around? You can easily trade your stuff with other players for… more stuff!

Take your heroic adventurer on quests to faraway lands. From remote jungles to dungeons hidden deep underground, you’ll face dozens of different enemies. Show no mercy and slay each one of them with a variety of weapons – from swords and bows to magic staffs and guns!

Questing is thirsty work and you’ll need to resupply from time to time. Head to one of the many towns or cities and you’ll find a variety of shops including weapon smiths, armorers, shield merchants and other vendors who can sell you useful items & gear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

Q. What is Helmet Heroes APK  (Unlimited Money, Premium version)?

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