Logitech’s New Wireless Keyboard works Universally

While wireless keyboards are usually a handy tool to have with the rest of your work or entertainment setup, there are some limitations at times when it comes to device or software compatibility. With that in mind, Logitech seeks to offer users a more versatile device in the form of its new Keys-To-Go 2 wireless keyboard.

The company says that the Keys-To-Go 2’s design has been developed for ultra-portability, making it an ideal travel companion for folks looking to get a bit of work done during their trips and such. Designed with a built-in cover, it’s relatively lightweight, and is available in several color options which include Lilac, Pale Grey, and Graphite.

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More importantly however, it’s also designed to work with a ton of different devices – this includes Android, iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome OS. It’s also available in two different layout options which include “universal” and “Apple” variants. The Keys-To-Go 2 will be available globally this June for $79.99.

Source: Logitech

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