Proton Drive Adds Photo Backup Feature for iPhones

If you’re looking for an alternative to iCloud or Google One storage to backup your photos on your iPhone, there is now a new option. Following the launch of photo backup in Proton Drive on Android last year, the Swiss company has announced the availability of the same backup feature for iPhones.

Similar to Android, the automatic photo and video backup feature is integrated into the Proton Drive app. You will be able to find a dedicated Photo tab added to the Files and Shared tabs while you can also view your media on the web. There is also an offline mode to keep your photos and videos accessible without an internet connection.

Proton touted added privacy and security with its photo backup service. It says the Proton Drive uses end-to-end encryption to store photos and videos between your device and the cloud.

Proton Drive for iPhones
Backup photos and videos with Proton Drive can also be accessed from the web. / © Proton

How much are Proton’s cloud storage plans?

As for the pricing structure, Proton offers free 5GB storage for all iPhone users via the Proton Drive app while it bundles other services with other higher tier plans. The basic plan begins at $3.99/month (€3.99/month) which nets you 200 GB of storage and vision history. The latter is a feature that saves up to 200 revisions of your file.

The next tier has 500 GB of storage space and costs $9.99/month (€9.99/month). This comes with Proton’s services like Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, and Proton VPN. A shareable plan is offered at $23.99 which nets you 3 TB of storage and Proton services.

Proton’s monthly storage pricing for the 500 GB storage option is on par with Apple’s iCloud+ for the same capacity. However, iCloud+ with 200 GB is a dollar cheaper than Proton’s 200 GB storage.

Proton gained popularity with its Proton Mail service which uses end-to-end encryption back in 2014. Since then, it has launched other services that utilize its security technology, including Proton VPN.

Do you think Proton Drive is a better way to back up your photos and videos on your iPhone? Let’s hear your opinion.

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