UGREEN’s Massive 48000mAh Power bank comes with 300W Charging Support

If you haven’t heard of UGREEN yet, then you’re missing out – the brand specializes in on-the-go power solutions for tech and other electronic devices, with a wide range of hardware on offer. In fact, UGREEN recently announced the launch of its new 48,000 mAh capacity portable charger, which comes with support for 300W fast charging.

For context, most phones come with up to 5,000 mAh batteries at most, meaning that UGREEN’s latest charger features nearly ten times the power found on most portable charging solutions. Additionally, there’s also a maximum total output of 300W and PD3.1 140W bidirectional charging onboard, which makes it ideal for charging larger devices such as tablets, laptops, and more.

Other hardware details include five different ports for charging, a smart digital display, SOS mode, and even built-in lighting for outdoor use. In case you need to charge it, there’s compatibility for 140W charging, meaning that it shouldn’t take too long to replenish the charger itself. You can check it out on Amazon using the link below.

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